Can I download raster images from the mapping portal?
No. From the online mapping portal you can only download vector data (shape-files and dxf). The Regional CTR in raster format can be downloaded from the Geoportale di Regione Lombardia
When I click on the download icon, a window appears asking me for the username and password. What to do?
From the online cartography portal you can download part of the cartography only if you have registered before using the appropriate form.
Certain Themes present in the TOC are not seen on the initial scale. Why?
Some themes and rasters are activated at certain scales so you may not see them in the viewer at large scales. Remember that the themes with particular scale settings are light gray, (indicates the theme that is off) and then zoom in to the scale that is activated, the writing becomes dark.
I try to query a theme on the map but the associated data does not appear in the attributes window.
Some themes in the TOC on the right have the word LNI which means that they are viewable but not searchable! So it is normal for the data associated with them not to appear in the TOC window.
I can't open the links linked to some documents (reports, tables ...).
The documents are all in PDF format. Most likely no software is installed on your computer to view these files. The free Adobe Reader program must be installed.
I saved the map display with the appropriate Save button of the project but calling it the next day I don't see it in the list anymore. Why?
It is likely that cookies have been deleted in the browser.