In this regard, reference is made to the document "Ecological Network Campo dei Fiori - Ticino. Criteria for the application of the exclusion procedure from the impact assessment and the simplified incidence assessment procedure for limited interventions of interest to the Campo dei Fiori ecological network - Ticino "((Annex 2)) which sets out the specific criteria for the application of the Impact Assessment in simplified form with an indication of the types of intervention that must be subjected to this procedure, and those that due to their marginality must be excluded , as it is not able to interfere with the functionality of the network.

Network contract
Following the provincial note of 17.05.13 provincial note of 17.05.13 (PEC protocol n. 44321/2013) concerning the subscription of the Network Contract transmitted to the various interested parties (Campo dei Fiori Park, Ticino Park and Municipalities), the following documents are made available :
1) Provincial Council Resolution P.V. n. 141 of 03.13.2013 concerning the "Approval of the Network Contract scheme to safeguard the Campo dei Fiori - Ticino Ecological Network"
2) Network Contract - April 2013
3) Annex B - Cartography
4) Annex C - Actions for the improvement of the Campo dei Fiori Ticino Ecological Network
5) City Council Resolution Model for the signing of Network Contracts