The Lombardy Region has defined, with DGR n.8/220 del 2005 and DGR n.8/6581 del 2008, the criteria for the identification of areas not suitable for the construction of new waste treatment plants and for the extensions of existing plants that involve land consumption, transformation of the state of the places and / or changes in the appearance of the plants.
The types of systems to which the criteria apply include landfills, waste-to-energy plants and chemical / physical treatment plants, inertisation and other specific treatments (composting, RDF production, selection, stabilization, etc.).
This service publishes the main cartographic data useful for identifying the exclusionary areas, pointing out that further information on the location of the plants will have to be made by acquiring specific certification from Municipalities, Organizations or Managers of territorially competent services / infrastructures.
Unsuitable areas Landfills     
Unsuitable areas Waste treatment plants      
Unsuitable areas Waste-to-energy plants