The service publishes the Topographic Database created by the Aggregation of the Province of Varese for the territory of the Municipalities participating in the project. The DbT is the evolution of the Technical Charter (regional or municipal), structured to constitute an updateable geographical database to support the management of the territory and resources. It is a multi-scale spatial data structure consisting of a set of objects to each of which one or more descriptive attributes are associated. Within the navigation map, the objects that contribute to structuring the cartography are organized into homogeneous themes, as per technical specifications.

For a correct use of the web-gis, bear in mind that:

- since the DbT is composed of a very large number of overlapping vector layers, the loading of the video map can last up to 20 seconds or more;
- the map is visible starting from the scale 1: 25.000 but the DbT is optimized at the scale 1: 10.000 or at the upper stairs.

By accessing the web-gis (Open Map button) you will have the possibility to browse the map and download the portion of DbT that is displayed on the screen, alternatively clicking on the second button (Access) will open a window from which, choosing the Municipality of its own interest, it will be possible to download the entire municipal DbT in shapefile format.

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