This service publishes the "Table of Plan forecasts" relating to the Territorial Government Plans, in force in the municipalities of the province of Varese. Keep reading...

From 26 January 2011, the Province of Varese carries out the preliminary investigation necessary to issue the certificate of conformity for the authorization to publish the approval notice, variation or correction of the PGT on the BURL, as provided for by the Com. R. 141 of 2010.

The pdf documentation related to the certification release modalities, accompanied by the facsimile of the PGT transmission letter in digital format, which the Municipality must forward to the Province, as well as all the documents and reference guidelines for a correct delivery of the documents of the Table of Plan forecasts are available at this link.

All documentation relating to the PGTs in force and their amendments or variations is available on the regional website

PGT mosaic in force