In this online service the Provincial Cave Plan is published, approved with the Deliberazione del Consiglio Regionale n. 1093 del 21 giugno 2016 , published in the BURL Serie Ordinaria n. 28 del 14 luglio 2016.

The user will be able to query the Territorial Extraction Areas, the Recovery Quarries and the Reservoirs, having the possibility of viewing different environmental constraints.

To allow for a comparison, the Cave Plan adopted by the Provincial Council with resolution no. 76 of December 2, 2004, and approved, with the additions and amendments reported in the descriptive sheets, by the Regional Council, with resolution n. 698 of 30 September 2008, published in the II Extraordinary Supplement n. 48 of 11/25/2008. Also available as cartographic basis are the photogrammetric surveys of the extractive areas, performed in March 2003.


DCS 7/5/2019 n. XI/512 - Modifica ATEc2 ottemperanza alla sentenza TAR n. 5015/2009 passata in giudicato

Documentazione VAS Piano Cave 2016

Piano Cave approvato 2008

Piano Cave
adottato 2004

Map quarry floor 2016
Map quarry floor 2008