The General Forestry Address Plan is the tool used by the Province, according to the L.R. 31/2008, to outline the development objectives of the forestry sector and the management lines of all forest, private and public properties. This plan was drawn up with the aim of deepening the knowledge and organizing the proposals for intervention in the provincial territory outside the perimeter of the Mountain Communities, Parks and Regional Reserves, or for the areas that from a point of view of the forest legislation are the responsibility of the Provincial Administration.
Article 13 of the NTA defines that, for the purposes of monitoring sector policies and for implementing them, the Forestry Territorial Information System (SITFOR) is established for the collection, processing and analysis of sector data forest.
The updating of the PIF, due to adjustments and adjustments approved by the Lombardy Region, is carried out following the sending of the same to the Territory Sector - Province of Varese.
Therefore the following information layers, present in the navigation map, are updated:
- Table 2 - Map of the perimeter of the forest and non-forest green systems
- Table 9 - List of permitted transformations
- Table 10 - Compensation report card




Map of Forest Address Plan