In this on-line service relating to the intended use of soils, the DUSAF database (Destination of Use of Agricultural and Forestry Soils) is published in the six temporal versions created by the Lombardy Region - Directorate General for Agriculture and ERSAF:

DUSAF 6 (update with photointerpretation of Orthophoto AGEA 2018 and images from satellite SPOT6/7 2018)

DUSAF 5 (update with photointerpretation of Orthophoto AGEA 2015)

DUSAF 4 (update with AGEA 2012 orthophoto photointerpretation)

DUSAF 2.1 (update with Orthophoto 2007 photointerpretation)

DUSAF 1.1 (color orthophoto photointerpretation year 1999)

DUSAF GAI (photointerpretation from B / W images from 1954)

The land use maps are published on two different levels of detail: Level 1 and Level 3 of the CORINE Land Cover legend. Also available are the DUSAF Rows and the Raster bases of the Regional Technical Map at 10,000 scale and the digital color orthophotos 2018, 2015, 2012, 2007, 1999 and the black and white digital orthophotos 2005.
Map Land use