The Province of Varese with D.G.P. PV 56 del 05.03.2013 approved the boundaries of the Campo dei Fiori - Ticino ecological network scheme (Allegato 1) for the connection of Natura 2000 sites and natural areas between the Campo dei Fiori Park and the Lombardy Valley Ticino Valley Park . Due to its specific protection objectives with respect to the Natura 2000 network, the Campo dei Fiori - Ticino network falls within the scope of application of the Incidence Assessment, regulated by art. 6 of the Habitat Directive 92/43 / EEC with reference to plans, programs and interventions to be carried out within it. In particular, the Province has deemed it appropriate to apply the Impact Assessment in a simplified form based on the direct analysis of the project documentation as envisaged by art. 6 paragraph 6 bis, of Annex C of the DGR 7/14106 08/08/03. Read everything and see available documentation.

In order to maintain an efficient ecological corridor it is necessary, first of all, to prevent new human artefacts from interrupting the territorial continuity and, secondly, to remove already existing barriers or bottlenecks capable of compromising the passage of animals or the spread of plant species.

For the protection of the ecological corridor between the Ticino Park and the Campo dei Fiori Park, the LIFE-TIB project ( will intervene with defragmentation works, ie the removal or mitigation of barriers and bottlenecks that penalize the areas of connection. At the same time the improvement of the quality of the habitats of the species identified as priorities will be pursued, that is to say the most important and vulnerable species in a situation of fragmented territory, which already present problems of distribution and dispersion. The area affected by the project, between Parco del Ticino and Parco dei Campo dei Fiori, is the weak link in the entire ecological corridor of the Alps - Pianura Padana. For this reason, conservation and improvement of connectivity are important at a community level. It is plausible that the ecological corridor in question, being oriented in a latitudinal direction, will constitute a central element of adaptation of biodiversity to climate change, an increasingly pressing problem that forces many species to move rapidly in search of suitable habitats.
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